CJ & Ecks Dart League 2018

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated!

Welcome to the 2018 CJ & Eck's Dart League

Entry Fee for the year is $800 per team:

2 payments of $400 are due no later than:
Week 5
Week 13

If you want to just get it all out of the way and pay the $800 in the beginning you are more than welcome to do so!  Penalty of not paying by due dates will result in forfeiting your first game of the night each week until dues are paid.


Your 2017 average will be added toward your cumulative average for 2018 for the first 3 weeks. Once you have 3 weeks played, your 2017 average will be dropped. 

I'm also playing around with some other rule changes to help lessen the impact of sandbagging. Ideas I'm currently working on: 1)  formulate the average sheet to count every game as equal towards your average.  2) not count weeks toward your playoff average if you shot less than 5 games that week. 3) drop 3 worst weeks of the year from your playoff average

- You can only shoot THREE TIMES in one year with only 2 people (If you are facing a team with only 2 shooters, any of your shooters can play as many games consecutive as you like)
- You must give at least 6 HOURS notice of a cancellation!
- A team can cancel TWO TIMES during the year
- You have a 15 MINUTE grace period to start your game
- You can only shoot a player 3 games consecutive. Because of score sheet manipulation, a single player can only shoot in the 1 spot (H1&V1) a total of 7 TIMES in one night.
- If a player is slotted in a top 3 spot on sheet (spot with designated games) then they must play at least one game on the night

Penalties for violating above rules, including missed league payments:

1st Offense - 1 game forfeited
2nd Offense - 2 games forfeited
3rd Offense and up - 3 games forfeited

- You must make 10 WEEKS to be playoff eligible, playing in at least 3 games that night to make the week eligible.  If you shoot 2 or less games in a night, that average will not count towards your cumulative average or count as a week played.
- Playoffs will be 1-12 place in Top Bracket, with teams 1-4 receiving byes.  And 13-20 in bottom bracket. 
- You play each team once (19 game season total).

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