CJ & Ecks Dart League 2017

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2017 Pre Season power rankings

Week 10.5 Power Rankings: (games played this week were taken into consideration for rankings)

1. Tudes (73-31):
NBA Equivalent: Spurs
These guys draw the Spurs comparison because they don't look like the most talented team on paper, but they get the job done.  Sitting 1 game back from first place they got the nod over BOOM! for the top spot for 3 reasons. #1 I'm on the team, and have never had a team sitting #1 on power rankings. So there's that. #2 They beat BOOM! 8-5 in H2H matchup. #3 They haven't won less than 8 games in a week since their week 1 loss to Phi Slamma Jamma.

2. BOOM! (74-30):
NBA Equivalent: Warriors
Loaded with superstars, how could they not draw the Warriors comparison. They're going to be tough to beat, we all know that.  They have three superstars, we all know that.  They're going to have to kick a lot of ass in the playoffs to get through the talented, lower average teams.  They did it in the Summer League... they can do it again.

3. Cakes (78-39):
NBA Equivalent: Cavaliers
Veterans with some championships, always a guarantee to be there at the end. Kyrie & Lebron went out and got their Kevin Love in Dukes.  These three teams mentioned, are the tier one of the league right now.

4. Tic Tac (67-37):
NBA Equivalent: Clippers
They're there every year, it just has yet to be the year they can get it done.  Their enjoying a little higher than normal regular season success they've had over the last few years.  Don't sleep on them, they can win it all.

5. Phi Slamma Jamma (65-39):
Equivalent: Phi Slamma Jamma
They have an accurate team name comparing their past success in the league.  They're good, they're fun.  They just can't win it all. Will they ever win it all? Their college eligibility is running out, that's for sure.

6. Section Eight (61-30):
NBA Equivalent: Raptors
I don't think the Raptors are a fair comparison, as these guys have won multiple championships and can pick up the pace at any point.  In the blink of an eye, they can emerge back to top of the standings.  I'm really drawing their Raptors comparison, as in they've been trending in the wrong direction all year.

7. Mad Mac Vending (55-36):
NBA Equivalent: Rockets
Defending champs, got off to somewhat of a slow start.  They draw the Rockets comparison because they're elite, and not everyone notices it.  They'll continue to get back to mid-season form and make a push for another championship.

8. Van Buren Boys (68-49):
NBA Equivalent: Celtics
This is legit the best comparison to an NBA team on the board, they're young, talented, and have a bright future.  Cooke and Wiggins are 2/3 of the favorites for Rookie of the Year (along with Nolan) (reminder, ROY candidates are only guys who've never shot organized darts before. Sorry Pat, Brooks, Kev, and the other first year veteran shooters).  Gibbs is a legit most improved candidate, and the team captain they need to help a rookie squad figure out league strategy.  These guys are good!

9. Bombers (66-51):
NBA Equivalent: Thunder
Call Nick the Russ Westbrook, elite talent that needs help from the role guys like Ian (Steve Adams, cause I can never understand him) and Jeff Massa (Enes Kanter, i can def seeing him punching chairs and breaking his hand).

10. Feeling Saucy (57-47):
NBA Equivalent: Wizards
Off to a real slow start and now they've been on fire.  Big win against Cakes last week and a few other quality wins under their belt.  They're trending in the right direction.

11. No Skill Just Luck (76-50):
NBA Equivalent: Pacers
Brooks is their Paul George superstar.  It just hasn't been enough to put them up the standings.  They've been going through growing pains this year.  Another bright spot is Cooney is another serious candidate for most improved.

12. Straight Shooters (52-52):
NBA Equivalent: Jazz
Talented deep roster, playing time seems like an issue as all 5 show up to games commonly.  Hard to get into a rhythm with 5 shooters every week.

13. Just The Tip (58-59):
NBA Equivalent: Grizzlies
Most likely seeing the playoffs, just need a little more improvement before they can be seriously considered to make a strong run.

14. Homies (59-58):
NBA Equivalent: Bucks
A playoff fringe team with a clear #1, and a bunch of question marks after that.  They're missing Murph this year, someone has to step up.

15. Clam Jammers (45-59):
NBA Equivalent: Mavericks
A lot of veterans on the roster that will probably come up short in making the playoffs.

16. Deez Boones (41-63):
NBA Equivalent: Heat
Some pretty solid talent on the roster, but not enough to consider for making the playoffs.

17. Pecker Woods (37-67):
NBA Equivalent: Knicks
Their front office is a disaster right now and they all pull the Derrick Rose comparison, just straight no showing to games.

18. Yogurt Slingers (38-66):
NBA Equivalent: Bulls
Struggling, pretty bad.  Horan and Boone make up their bickering back court.

19. Darty Sanchez (44-73):
NBA Equivalent: Timber Wolves
Not making the playoffs, but at least they have fun together.  And that certainly has to count for something.

20. Meladiacs (26-78):
NBA Equivalent: Sixers
Someone had to pull the sixers equivalent, they get it for a couple reasons. #1 i like them.  #2 are they tanking with pace? #3 they've been trusting the process for a long time.

21. Wizard Sleeves (35-82):
NBA Equivalent: Lakers
Towards the bottom of the standings but still play in a big market.  Even though their second-to-last you still see a lot of Sleeves jerseys.

22. Boobs 4 Jesus (17-87):
NBA Equivalent: Suns
Bottom of the standings, but they're showing improvement.  They've triple their year's win total in the last three weeks.

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